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Driving in France-Difference #1-Road signs point to destination cities, and don’t always show route numbers

Published on January 6, 2017 by AHIF Administrator

In the States we follow route numbers to get where we want to go. On French signs, they don’t always appear (although now seen more and more). So plot your trip on the map first. Road signs are configured from top to bottom by destination town or city:

  • Distant large towns or cities are shown on top in green,
  • Then smaller intermediate towns in white below,
  • Then nearby villages below that.
  • Points of interest are shown with a small brown logo and italics.
  • The route may take on several route numbers along the way. They’re handy, but keep the destination town in mind. For instance, to get from Avignon to Apt, you’ll change route numbers several times. You may not even notice these route numbers, but at every crossroads there’s a large green sign for Apt. Just suivre Apt.
  • If there is a French toll road (autoroute) nearby, the top sign will be blue with the autoroute logo.
Category: Driving tips

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