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How It Works

Believe it or not, we're already taking reservations for next season. Is your heart set on a special home? Do you have specific requirements? Or a large group? Savvy renters make reservations 12 months or more in advance. So why wait? The best way to secure the perfect property for next year is to make your reservation this year. Here's how.


Start a search

Browse our site and select the property(ies) you would like to rent. It’s always a good idea to have at least one alternate property in case your first choice is not available. We suggest you first call, fax or submit an Availability Request with your choices so that we can determine the availability for the desired dates. We will confirm availability within 24-48 hours.


Questions ?

Next, arrange a voice-to-voice conversation with us!
Call us at 786 401 7303 (9 am – 5 pm East time). Or email us at contact@athomeinfrance.com with a telephone number and convenient time for us to call you. We want to make sure the house of your dreams will be just that! We’ll be completely candid so you know as much as possible about the properties you’re considering.


How to make a Reservation?

To place a reservation, please:
• Request a hold on your selected property. Please call, fax or email your choice(s). We will confirm the hold within 24-48 hours.
• Once the hold has been confirmed, fill out and return the At Home in France Booking Form.
• Enclose a deposit for 50% of the total rental cost.


Reservation Statement and Payments

Upon receipt of the booking form and your deposit, we will send you a written invoice. This will indicate the cost of the accommodation, breakage deposit and the cost of any additional services requested less the initial deposit. Payment in full must be received 9 weeks prior to your arrival at the property. If not received by this time, the booking will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
** If the reservation is made less than 9 weeks before your arrival, payment in full, including the breakage deposit and all extra services, is required.


Supplementary Charges:

Supplementary charges:
• Breakage deposit – most properties require a breakage deposit included in the final payment. This will be refunded 2-3 weeks after your return assuming there were no breakages or damage. At some properties, the deposit is paid locally in euros on arrival and refunded at departure, less appropriate charges.
• Telephone – these charges vary according to the telephone system available.
• Utilities/heating – these charges are always in addition to the rental fee unless indicated otherwise.
• Linen rental – charges vary and are always in addition to the rental fee unless indicated otherwise.


Cancellation and Insurance

Once received, payments are nonrefundable. We recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance as protection. At Home in France provides information on trip cancellation and other travel insurance options, and we strongly advise you to purchase the appropriate coverage. In the event you must cancel and do not have insurance, we will make every effort to rebook the apartment. If we are able to do so, you will receive a refund less our expenses.