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Our History

Our History

‘At Home in France’ is the brainchild of two Oregonians, Allyn and Bruce. They set out with a goal of providing distinctive vacation home rentals in stunning France. Before the Internet age of robotic travel bookings, this power team built dream vacations for travelers by providing access to beautiful country homes and modern apartments throughout France. From professional travelers to families ready to experience the French way of life, AHIF became a premiere and exclusive way to travel in style!

By this time, it became evident that AHIF was a unique service that needed an online presence. The team created the website www.AtHomeInFrance.com to continue serving their clients with excellent customer service and also to expand their client family.

AHIF expanded their team further by beginning to work with property experts & managers, greeters, maintenance teams and even car rental agencies to enhance their already incredible service. The extra special touches provided by these professionals truly made the AHIF brand stand out amongst the crowd of travel providers.

By this time, AHIF had proudly reached a goal of representing 200+ properties and 2,000 clients. They also now offered properties that accommodated up to 20 guests, and ranged from modest & humble to exclusive & deluxe.

In 2011, new owners Vero and Antoine took over the reins at AHIF. Both French natives, they were committed to providing personalized service, as well as a genuine perspective on the properties. Their goal was (and is) to make you feel AT home in France even when you are just traveling for a visit!

Shining star, Margaux, joined AHIF in 2012, rounding out an incredibly valuable team. As a bilingual Franco-American, Margaux prides herself on being an expert on Paris. Her American roots also help her bridge the gap between the different cultures. She loves giving guests tips & tours and particularly enjoys speaking about the region of Provence with AHIF clients!

With this new addition to the thriving AHIF team, clients were now afforded the opportunity to learn intricacies about their vacation property and the surrounding area far beyond what the photos could convey! The AHIF staff was now ready to assist clients with their travel plans to France in an informative and exciting way.

AHIF introduced At Home in Corsica in 2014. It’s just one more beautiful region in France to love! Having spent more than 20 summers in Corsica, Antoine knew that this region is a must see for travelers. He will happily tell you about all of the best places to see, the beaches to visit and how to best enjoy your time on the Island of Beauty!

2014 was also an incredible year for AHIF in terms of achievements. The team celebrated more than 5,000 clients, and a growing list of 250+ properties to offer their travelers!

2016 will bring a lot of change for AHIF. The team is excited to announce an upcoming new website that will feature blogs with excellent tips for travelers, as well as new properties in the Var region (south of Provence near the ocean), Dordogne and Normandy that will be available in 2017.