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Secret Spots Local Parisians Don’t Want You to Find

Published on February 25, 2016 by AHIF Administrator

What is the first thing you think about when the city of Paris comes into conversation? The Eiffel Tower, The Seine, tracking down the best macaroons at Pierre Hermé and Ladurée?

Anyone who speaks or hears about Paris, always has in mind the same landscapes and ordinary quintessential Parisian activities. Instead of being ordinary, step out of the box and visit hidden gems in Paris!  Don’t spend your trip standing in a line, let us show you a few of the unusual places that won’t be so crowded and will be new and exciting.

1. The Catacombs of Paris

Beautiful arched foundation supports in the underground Bradford Beck River. We believe that this is underneath Bradford City Hall, a huge Victorian-era building that was the pride of the town when it was built in the 1880s. Bradford Beck, Bradford, England, 2007. This was an incredible underground river, flowing about 4 miles underground through a wide variety of tunnel architecture and building foundations.

First, to be able to explore the city you have to know what lies below. Paris’s underground is an elaborate maze that encompasses a network of catacombs. These tombs hold about 6 million Parisians the line the walls that were once limestone. There are over a dozen secret entrances into the tombs and getting lost down there is a guarantee unless you are with a guide.  Though this attraction can seem a little scary, it’s quite humbling to be around the people who made Paris what is it today.

2. The Jardin du Luxembourg

If you are more of an outdoor, nature lover; visit the beehives of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Not to worry, the bees are too busy producing honey. Tourists are able to get close look, as long as they do not interrupt the bees from producing the honey. And if you really want to spend your vacation next to breathtaking Luxembourg views, check some beautiful rental homes.

3. La Pagode Movie Theater


Another out of the box activity is going to the actual historical theaters, not just the popular ones. La Pagode Movie Theater has been bringing cultural stimulation to Parisians since 1896! With mostly Japanese influence, this is not your ordinary movie theater. In most afternoons this building serves afternoon tea in a beautiful oriental garden.

4. The Marche St. Quentin


For those who have heard about the fresh food markets in Paris, going to where the locals shop is the secret. The Marche St. Quentin has what Parisians rate, best fresh produce in all of Paris! They have a wide variety of specialty cheeses and great value deals (if you get there early enough). From fish to tomatoes, this market is a heavenly feast.

5. The 404


404 restaurant marocain paris

And if you are looking to end your day with a delicious Moroccan dinner, 404 is the place to go. One of the locals best kept secret restaurant! Located in the third district of Paris, this restaurant is part of a gorgeous 16th-century building, making it much more than just a culinary experience.

Live Paris like a real Parisian! Get the full experience not only by visiting these local places but by also staying in a real Parisian apartment that will feel like home. Find real Paris Apartments with amazing prices.

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