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French Atlantic Coast is The Perfect Place to Travel

Published on February 25, 2016 by AHIF Administrator

The Atlantic Coast, located at the southwestern region of France, has long sandy beaches which makes it a popular destination among tourists. You can find an increased number of properties and hotels devoted to offering a broad view of the sea but also very long areas of preserved natural beauty. It’s great spot to do your morning runs and enjoy a relaxing moment. A very attractive spot for picture taking, watching sunsets and getting a close-up view of  the yachts traffic on the ports of La Rochelle and Rochefort. Tourists can also enjoy the wonderful and popularly known area of “Green Venice”. It resembles the original Venice, full of drainage canals and waterways. Afternoon delights include renting a rowing boat and relaxing yourself with the slow flow of the waters and the pace of the town. If you are interested in learning or you are already an expert in Cognac, the Saintonage located at the northwest of Bordeaux, is the place for you. After tasting your Cognac you are in for an exquisite sightseeing of magnificent architectural carvings from the medieval times reflected in the historic churches of the area. The city of Bordeaux also offers the largest continuously forested area in Western Europe and an extended area around Bordeaux of the most famous vineyards, producing some of the best and most expensive wines of the world. If you are interested in enjoying the mild and warm climate of this coastal región, we offer a range of properties for you to stay in: atlanticoasthome The property has a total of 4 bedrooms, in which three of them contains queen beds for the guest comfort, and one bedroom has bunk beds that makes it perfect for children to stay in. Also offers en suite bathroom featuring a sink and toilet bathtub. The property has all the amenities including satellite TV, microwave, pool, jacuzzi and much more. The property has a total  six bedrooms, in which two of the bedrooms are has  King sizes bed, two rooms with queen beds, and the rest of the rooms have twin beds, each bed brings their own sheets. The property also brings three bathrooms, with their own shower. The amenities that the property has are swimming pool, central heating dishwater, microwave and internet access. if you would like more information about these or other properties visit our website www.athomeinfrance,com  

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