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Top Vineyard Areas In Burgundy

Published on October 5, 2015 by AHIF Administrator

When traveling to Burgundy, the most important thing to do is visit vineyards. That is because Burgundy is known mostly for its rich wine and grape plantations. With over 70,500 Acres of Vineyard, Burgundy produces hundreds of thousands bottles of wine per year. Most popularly, the wine produced in Burgundy is 61% white wine, leaving 31% of the production to red wine, and 8% to sparkling wine.


So, where are all these delicious grapes grown? Vineyards are in areas all over Burgundy. 5 famous areas are: Chablis, Côtes de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise, and Macônnais.

1. Chablis

Chablis, known for the Chardonnay grape mostly, it is located to the north of Burgundy, and set further away from all other vineyards. The Chardonnay grapes in Chablis have been grown since the 12th century. Many wine critics agree that this region is the closest in similarity (location and climate wise), to the production of Champagne.

2. Côtes de Nuits

Côtes de Nuits is recognized as the producer of best red wines made with Pinot Noir. People also know Côtes de Nuits for having the most expensive real estate and lands for vineyards. It is located north to Côte d’Or, and has 24 Grand Cru vineyards. Enjoy staying like a real french in the center of Côte d’Or.

3. Côtes de Beaune

Côtes de Beaune is located south to Côte d’Or, and it is highly acknowledged to have the best brands of Burgundy wine, such as Meursault and Corton. However, do not be intimidated by these names, since this region offers many amazing wines for a comfortable price. Make sure to plan your stay in a near location so you can make the best of it!

4. Côte Chalonnaise

Côte Chalonnaise is another area within Burgundy in between Chagny and Saint-Vallerin. Being more to the South, this area is not home to any Grand Cru vineyards and its mostly dedicating in producing wine with Aligote grape. It is a much more floral and honey like wine, simply delicious to combine with most seafood.

5. Macônnais

The last area in our list is Macônnais. Home to the vastest plantation of Chardonnay grapes. So many that there is actually a village in this region called Chardonnay. To the south of Burgundy, this region also dedicates around 30% of its wine production to wines made with Pinot Noir, mostly transforming them to Rose.

Visiting at least two of this areas when in Burgundy is a must! Not only will it be a pleasurable experience for your palate, but also a very cultural stimulating one; as tours in many of these places include simple 101 guides to wine tasting and recognizing wine value. Make sure to check in a comfortable apartment that will make your stay an enjoyable experience.


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